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320 Trans lives have been lost worldwide in 2023

As we remember the lives lost this past year, let us hold space and compassion for Trans/2Spirit folx in our community and recognize their beauty, resilience, resistance, and power and the importance of inclusion in all spaces

As we honor each and every one of their lives and grieve each and every loss...

Let’s Remember that Racialized Trans women are the most marginalized, stigmatized, criminalized, and discriminated against, and they experience the most violence and death on a daily basis


This year 2023, let’s Remember the lives we lost in Toronto:

Remember the lives we lost in the years past:

Julie Berman.jpg

Julie Berman - Dec 2019 - murdered

Coco Richie_photo.jpg

Coco Ritchie - Oct 2020 – death police custody/undetermined

Alloura Wells.jpg

Alloura Wells – July 2017 – death undetermined


Cassandra Do – 2004 – murdered

No Picture Available1.png

Chirvana Abdi – 2004 – died in police custody

Deanna Wilkinson – 1996 – murdered


Teagan – 1996 – murdered

images (1).jpg

Candace Baxter – 1992 – murdered

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